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The 75K PlaneSkate

The 75K PlaneSkate is a military grade, multi-purpose tool designed to assist in the removal of commuter, corporate, and military fighter sized disabled aircraft. The 75K PlaneSkate allows for quick and safe removal from active runways, taxiways, or busy ramps while ensuring no further damage to the disabled aircraft. 

The overall size of the 75K PlaneSkate is 5' wide and 9' long with the tray size of 35" wide and 52" long, not including the ramp. Built and designed to take on the big jobs, this tool weighs in at just over 2300 lbs. and is designed to easily handle 75,000 lb. GW. aircraft and less.

Constructed with high grade 1/4 & 1/2 inch steel, formed and welded, the 75K PlaneSkate rolls on 10 - 7500 lb. capacity Hamilton dual casters and is supported with a Warn 79350 Super Duty Series 18-A-2D 18,000 pull Military grade winch to assist in the loading. 

"Keep that runway open!"

                 Durable.                                        Versatile.                                         Safe.

Made in the U.S.A

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