Purchasing PlaneSkate's

The 10K Plane Skate and Hangar Dolly are

designed for a maximum single gear leg

weight of 4,000 lbs. providing a capacity

limit of 10,000 lb. GW aircraft and less.

The 10K Porter Dollies provide the ability to efficiently store aircraft in tight quarters. Up to 10,000 lb. GW aircraft, these tools will pay for themselves in no time. PlaneSkate Porter(s) are sold in pairs of 2.

The 75K Plane Skate is designed for a

maximum single gear leg weight of 30,000 lbs. providing a capacity limit of 75,000 lb. GW

aircraft and less.


         10K PlaneSkate

$3,995.00 plus Shipping 

Shipping WT. EA.  250lbs.

IMG_6368 (1).PNG

      10K Porter Dollies

          (sold as a pair)

   $6,950.00  plus shipping


   75K PlaneSkate

$29,950.00 plus shipping

Shipping WT. EA.  2,400lbs.

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